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Our Mission

NakedSwab's sole purpose is to help the planet get rid of single use items by finding and innovating reusable alternatives that can help save the environment.

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NakedSwab Bamboo


Save the environment while saving yourself money and space. NakedSwabs come in a compact case that replaces over 2000 single-use cotton swabs! With both your needs and our planet in mind, NakedSwabs are made with medical grade silicone, 100% bamboo handles, and come with alternative tips for optimal use. Whether you’re touching up your makeup or cleaning your outer ear, our reusable swabs provide the precision and ease you need.

You're doing your part, we're doing ours.

By purchasing our products, you’re helping to reduce global demand for single-use products. And us? We've taken the 1% For the Planet Pledge - we've committed to donating at least 1% of our annual sales to approved environmental non-profit organizations.  

Eco-Friendly Alternatives

It takes 3.6 litres of water to produce and treat the cotton used in ONE conventional cotton swab. And only 0.3 litres of water to wash our NakedSwab. By purchasing our reusable and washable products, you are saving money, water, and the environment.

Why Bamboo?

Many reusable products are made from synthetic materials or cotton. Making our products with a natural, sustainable material like bamboo over synthetics was an easy choice. Compared to cotton, bamboo uses less water to grow and is more absorbent and durable. Making it the perfect, eco-friendly material for our reusable products. 

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Dual Use

Made out of medical grade silicone, our NakedSwab tips are soft on the skin. Perfect for make-up touch ups and cleaning around the ears!

Reusable & Washable

These perforated, tear-off wipes slide right onto your standard paper towel holder and are absorbent, ultra-soft, and easy to wash. Reusable and widely versatile.

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