NakedRounds Bamboo



The perfect replacement for single-use cotton balls or pads, the ultra-soft, reusable NakedRounds can be used to remove makeup and apply skincare products. The charcoal infused bamboo helps to gently detoxify the skin, leaving your face feeling fresh and clean. NakedRounds are long-lasting, absorbent, and made with dark fibres to avoid any hard to remove makeup stains. 



  • 1 NakedRound = up to 200 uses
  • Machine-washable
  • Premium quality charcoal infused bamboo
  • Highly absorbent
  • 16 rounds


There's no planet B. Order today to save our planet from over 200 single-use makeup rounds!


Why Bamboo?

Many reusable makeup pads are made from synthetic materials or cotton. Making NakedRounds with a natural, sustainable material like bamboo over synthetics was an easy choice, but why bamboo over cotton? Bamboo is naturally renewable and is the fastest growing plant in the world - it can grow up to 3 feet per day! Compared to cotton, bamboo uses less water to grow and is more absorbent and durable. Lastly, bamboo is grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and is known for its antibacterial properties - making it the perfect, eco-friendly material for our NakedRounds. 

Care Instructions

Better care for your rounds = better results for your wallet! With proper care, NakedRounds can be used up to 200 times! For best results, we recommend hand washing and air-drying. When using the washing machine, we recommend using a delicates mesh laundry bag!

You're doing your part, we're doing ours.

You’re helping to reduce global demand for single-use cotton balls and makeup pads. You're not only keeping them out of landfills, but also the plastic they're all wrapped in. And us? We've taken the 1% For the Planet Pledge - we've committed to donating at least 1% of our annual sales to approved environmental non-profit organizations.